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2018 Science Meeting prize winners

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Conratulations to the winners of the poster and short talk prizes at our 4th annual science meeting, who received their prizes from Karen Lewis of the BBSRC (far left).

The winners were Rochelle Aw, Imperial College London – 1st prize talk (pictured 2nd left); Eva Pekle, MedImmune & Univserity of Kent – 2nd prize talk (pictured middle); Tania Selas Castiñeiras, Cobra Biologics – 3rd talk prize; Hirra Hussain, University of Manchester – 1st prize poster, Natalie Talbot, University of Kent – 2nd prize poster (pictured 2nd right) and James Budge, University of Kent – 3rd poster prize (pictured far right).

New funding call open

NEW CALL OPEN – summer studentships
We have four undergrad summer studenships available; these awards are funded at 80% FEC (that is, up to £2,000 from BioProNET) to cover consumables and stipend. These must run in summer 2018.

The closing date is midday on Friday 19th January.
Download the application form here.

CALL OPENBusiness Interaction Vouchers
These are intended to help resource small confidence-building measures between an academic partner and an industrial partner (on a matched contribution basis) that are likely to lead to outcomes such as a longer-term relationship, improved interactions or new technology transfer projects.
We have one buiness interaction at a value of £9,600 (funded at 100%FEC). The closing date is midday on Friday 19th January.

Please login to the members’ area to access the application form. The lead applicant must be eligable to receive BBSRC funding. The project must start by April 1st 2018.

IBSCA funding awarded

BioProNET has recently awarded six indistrial biotecnology seeding catalyst awards (IBSCA). This funding aims to develop and progress ideas and technology within the scope and remit of BioProNET and the call along the technology readiness level (TRL) pathway.

Pilot production of engineered nucleases with applications in molecular biology and diagnostic devices
Jon Sayers, University of Sheffield

Optimization of influenza vaccine manufacturing through inhibition of autophagy
Jeremy Rossman, University of Kent

Improved microfluidic devices for downstream bioprocess separation of sub-micron targets
Alan Goddard, Aston University

Learning from charge interactions in nature to understand poly-anion/cation complementarity in drug encapsulation
Jim Warwicker, University of Manchester

Engineering secretory capacity in S. cerevisiae strains to improve recombinant protein production yield
Campbell Gourley, University of Kent

Enhancing secretory pathway function to allow selection of host cell clones
Lisa Swanton, University of Manchester

Establishing a prototype process for manufacturing non‐therapeutic biologics expressed in plants for the R&D market
Anil Day, University of Manchester

5th Annual Science Meeting

BioProNET’s flagship Annual Science Meeting will be held on October 10-11th 2018 at British Medical Association House, Central London. We anticipate that a preliminary programme and registration will be available in Spring 2108.

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Call for PhD project proposals

The EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training in Emergent Macromolecular Therapies invites applications to host PhD projects starting in October 2018.
PhD students can be based at any UK HEI and at least 65% are intended to be based outside of UCL. However, all projects require an active collaboration with an academic at the Department of Biochemical Engineering at UCL. Researchers will undertake 12 weeks of taught training of core modules as part of a cohort and participate in Centre events, while an additional 6 weeks of taught training in relevant subjects at any HEI is also required.
We will consider any proposals for the processing of biopharmaceuticals and cells, that align with the remit of the Centre for Innovative Manufacturing in Emergent Macromolecular Therapies:
High priority will also be given to strong proposals that address the following topics:
·      Novel molecular entity manufacturing challenges (eg difficult to express)
·      Novel entity and/or complex formulations
·      Analytical methods for bioprocessing and complex formulations
·      Whole bioprocess modelling
·      CHO cell engineering and/or transient expression systems
·      Novel DSP approaches
·      Continuous manufacturing
·      Process design, control, analytical innovation, or formulation for CAR-T cell manufacturing
·      Bedside manufacturing
·      Decision-support software tools and algorithms to support production planning, portfolio management and supply chain management
The deadline for the application form is 15th December 2017. Investigators from outside UCL are expected to discuss their proposal before submission with a collaborating academic at the Department of Biochemical Engineering at UCL. Priority will be given to projects for which co-funding (25-50%) is obtained, as this would maximise the impact of the CDT.
Applications will be considered by a review panel in January 2018 with the aim of making immediate decisions and announcements to supervisors after that.
Completed applications should be emailed to Prof. Paul Dalby: