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6th Annual Science Meeting

The Principal Hotel, Manchester
June 3-4th 2019

Our flagship science meeting will this year reflect on the science that has been developed to date through BioProNET support, and also provide a forward vision of the science that will underpin the next 10 years of bioprocessing.

Monday June 3rd 2019
10:00   Registration
11.00   Start of meeting with keynote speaker
Followed by talks and networking sessions
17:30   Hotel check-in
18:00   Poster and networking session
19:30   Conference dinner

Tuesday June 4th 2019
09:00  Talks and networking sessions
13.15   Prizes and wrap-up
13.30   Lunch and meeting close

Keynote speakers:
Peter Levison, Pall Biotech – Operating in a changing landscape: future process development strategies
Nicole Borth, University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna
Nigel Robinson, Durham University

BioProNET-facilitated science: Lorna Ashton, Lancaster University, Michael Plevin, University of York; James Winterburn, University of Manchester, Duygu Dikicioglu, University of Cambridge; Jose Guterriez-Marcos, University of Warwick; Jim Warwicker, University of Manchester, Tobias von Der Haar, University of Kent; Mark Wass, University of Kent; Anil Day, University of Manchester; Alan Goddard, Aston University; Jon Sayers, University of Sheffield; David Rockwell, University of Leeds

To register, please use this link

ESACT courses

ESACT (European Society of Animal Cell Technology) courses will again be organized in September/October 2019 in Llafranc, Spain.

  • ACT Course:  22 – 26 Sept 2019
  • Cell Culture-Based Viral Vaccines Course:  29 Sept – 3 Oct 2019
  • Drug Development Course:  6 – 9 Oct 2019

Registration is open until mid June. More details here.

BioProNET extension

We are pleased to inform you that BioProNET has been granted a no-cost extension by the BBSRC to run until the end of August 2019. There is no additional funding associated with the extension, however we will have the opportunity to use the extension period to investigate, and put in place, mechanisms by which to sustain the network beyond August 2019.

We have already been in discussion with key stakeholders in industry and academia to ensure that the continuation of such a network is required, and in response had incredible support with regard to the need to ensure such an academic-industrial UK based network continues and thrives. As we develop our plans in the next 3-4 months for a sustainable network, we hope that all within the network will support the need for such a network and provide their input and ideas regarding the sustainability of the network. Please do contact us if you have any thoughts or would like to be involved.

In addition to developing mechanisms for a sustainable BioProNET, we plan to hold the annual science meeting this year, potentially in late July, and a further meeting in October. We will have more firm plans in a few weeks, and will keep BioProNET members updated through newsletters, our website and Twitter (@BioProNETUK).

Additional focussed meetings, and those in collaboration with other organisations and the new phase II NIBB, are also being investigated. The BBSRC STARS programme, that BioProNET has helped deliver for the last 2 years, will also be running again in September 2019. We will also be continuing to collect outputs and impact of BioProNET activities.

We look forward to your continued support and seeing you at a BioProNET event soon.

GapSummit 2019

Broad Institute of Harvard and MIT, USA
June 16-20th 2019

GapSummit is the premier, global, intergenerational biotechnology summit that attracts world leaders and the next generation of leaders to substantively discuss pressing challenges facing the bioeconomy and catalyze innovation to address these challenges.

GapSummit competitively selects 100 Leaders of Tomorrow from around the world to attend the summit. We look for students, entrepreneurs and young professionals with a proven track record of leadership and expertise in the biotech field. GapSummit 2019 will provide Leaders of Tomorrow with an unparalleled opportunity to network with, challenge and learn from current world leaders in the biotech field. Leaders of Tomorrow will also gain a comprehensive overview of biotech trends and issues, inciting discussion about world challenges that will to be met by scientific and business innovations.


BioProNET members win innovator of the year

BioProNET members Ben Dolman and James Winterburn won the BBSRC 2018 Innovator of the Year in the Early Career researcher category.

Some information about their innovative work — partly funded by BioProNET — can be found on our case studies page
Scientific exchange visit boosts separation technologies collaboration
Collaborative development of glycolipid separation technology to reduce costs