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BioProNET has evolved and returned as BioProNET2, an academic-industry networking club made possible by sponsorship from a group of industrial and commercial concerns. With activities directed by a steering group of academics and representatives of the sponsors (see below) the overall aim is to maintain and further develop the community that was brought together so successfully by BioProNET. The general objectives of BioProNET2 are to

  • mobilise a collaborative UK scientific community to address the challenges around, and enhance, the manufacture of emerging novel biological modalities
  • capitalise on entrepreneurship and address fundamental scientific challenges to enable robust and economically-viable manufacture.
  • develop a forum to engage academics and early career researchers with the industrial sector and entrepreneurial practitioners to providing a framework to train and inspire the next generation

BioProNET2 will run an annual scientific meeting and a series of subject-specific workshops throughout each year.

 BioProNET2 Steering Group:

Paul Dalby (UCL), Alan Dickson (University of Manchester), Jo Flannelly (University of Manchester), Cleo Kontoravdi (Imperial College), Mark Smales (University of Kent), Ivan Wall (Aston University)

Current industrialists include representatives of AZ, Cell & Gene Therapy Catapult, Cobra Biologics, Fujifilm Diosynth Biotechnologies, GSK, Kymab, Lonza Biologics, Pall Corporation, Pharmaron, UCB.