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BioProNET is a network that focuses on the use of cells and their components (that is, bioprocessing) to produce biologics, which we define as products that are composed of proteins (such as antibodies), peptides, RNA, DNA or vaccines.

Such biologics could be used as therapeutics, for example as biopharmaceuticals or as non-therapeutics, for example in diagnostics, industrial enzymes, for drug screening, and for crystallization and structural studies.

BioProNET’s objectives and goals are to:

  • Provide leadership and vision to the UK academic and industrial community in the field of bioprocessing of biologics to usher in new collaborative models that accelerate innovation and deliver change.
  • Facilitate the generation of collaborative and cross-disciplinary grant proposals and the subsequent award of major research funding from UK and international sources that ultimately generates outputs of direct benefit to the sector.
  • Create an internationally recognised biologics community that is able to harness discoveries in the basic sciences for application to industrial bioprocesses and the supply chain that partners with complementary networks.
  • Provide a vehicle for the delivery of proof of concept studies that lead to more competitive, collaborative, cross disciplinary and integrative funding proposals.
  • Create an environment that promotes the emergence of new technologies, including synthetic biology, genomics and systems biology to allow for more rapid, flexible, predictable and cost-efficient production of biologics.
  • Inspire and develop the next generation of scientists across the breath of disciplines encompassed by the network.
  • Provide a mechanism for fostering community interactions and international collaboration allowing the rapid response to research challenges, policy changes, and large research calls.
  • Open a route for academics to apply to industrially relevant challenges and consider the societal, environmental, economic and political ramifications of their work.

To keep in touch with us after August 2019 when our BBSRC and EPSRC funding runs out, or to find out about future potential networks in the bioprocessing space, please contact any member of the BioProNET Executive Group:

Mark Smales – Director, University of Kent

Alan Dickson – Co-director, University of Manchester

Joanne Flannelly – Network Manager, University of Manchester

Charlotte Harrison – Network Manager, University of Kent