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BioProNET is enhancing the world-leading position of the UK in the discovery, design and manufacturing of biopharmaceuticals. Novel challenges in the manufacture of tomorrow’s innovative products continue to benefit from the close collaborations between industry and academia that have been generated through the activities promoted by BioProNET.

BioProNET has been granted a no-cost extension by the BBSRC to run until the end of August 2019. There is no additional funding associated with the extension, however we will have the opportunity to use the extension period to investigate, and put in place, mechanisms by which to sustain the network beyond August 2019.


Case studies of how our funding and events has brought together members from academia and industry to work on innovative research can be found here.
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Member Profiles – read how BioProNET has helped members
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Click here to read the BioProNET interim report – highlighting many of our achievements.

Screen Shot 2017-11-01 at 15.41.10Photos from BioProNET’s 2017 Science Meeting, taken by Linas Tamosaitis