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Registration is now open for our 2016 Annual Meeting (programme available here).

Welcome to BioProNET

BioProNET is a network in the field of bioprocessing and biologics that brings together academics, industrialists and other special interest groups to accelerate innovation and deliver change in this area.

BioProNET’s goal is to ensure that the UK academic research agenda is world-leading, industrially relevant and recognised globally as a leading network in the sector and the go-to place for collaborative research.

Benefits of membership

There are many benefits of membership! Members can attend network events that will allow the community to build consortia, share best practice and expertise, and to identify key challenges and opportunities in the area of bioprocessing.

We currently have almost 700 members who all have the opportunity to apply for dedicated business interaction vouchers, proof of concept funding and workshop funding, which aim to finance initial projects related to BioProNET scope that will springboard future applications to the BBSRC and elsewhere.

BioProNET will support early-career researchers to attend events and to develop the profile, skills and expertise that is required by the industrial biotechnology community.