5th Annual Science Meeting

October 10-11th 2018
British Medical Association House, Central London
Come and join the bioprocessing community at our 5th Annual Science meeting. Registration is open!

“The 2017 meeting was one of the most interesting and educational that I have attended in a while!”

Early April – registration opens
July 6th – registration closes for places with accommodation
July 6th – deadline for short talk abstracts
September 28th – registration closes for day delegates (sooner if capacity is reached)

Wednesday October 10th
10.15-10.30 Welcome, achievements and what for BioProNET
Designing more efficient cell-expression systems
10.30-10.55 Kerstin Otte
 University of Applied Science Biberach, Germany Identification and characterisation of intracellular production bottlenecks in CHO cells producing complex biopharmaceuticals
10.55-11.20 Colin Robinson University of Kent Development of next generation E. coli platforms for the regulated production and periplasmic targeting of biotherapeutics 
11.20-11.30 Michael Plevin University of York Can an archaeal helicase enhance the performance of a nanopore DNA sequencer?
11.30-11.55 Nathan Lewis – University of California San Diego, USA Engineering CHO cells with enhanced traits with multiplex genome editing

11.55-13.10 Lunch

Building expression systems into optimised process
13.10-13.35 Gary FinkaGlaxoSmithKline Developing a next-generation cell line development platform through targeted automation, analytics and informatics
13.35-14.00 Sophia Hober Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden The human secretome project
14.00-14.10 Gary Montague Teesside University Improved preservation of biologics by continuous intensified lyophilisation
14.10-14.35 Tarit Mukhopadhyay University College London Manufacturing the future at less than a $1 a dose and meeting global health needs
14.35–15.00 Natalio Krasnogor Newcastle University Synthetic portabolomics: bridging the gap between the lab bench and industry to speed up the development of new biotech products

15.00-15.45 refreshment break and networking

The clinic and beyond
15.45-16.10 Caroline Barelle Elasmogen soloMERä Biologics: Site-specific therapeutic biologics for the treatment of inflammatory disease
16.10-16.35 Phil Cater Leaf Expression Systems Plant produced biologics – process economics
16.35-16.45 Michael Plevin University of York Can an archaeal helicase enhance the performance of a nanopore DNA sequencer?
16.45-16.55 Invited short talk

Hotel check-in
18.30 Poster session
20.00 Conference dinner

Thursday October 11th
Upstream meets downstream – rapid process development
9.00-9.25 Paul Dalby University College London New analytical methods for chromatography; further downstream to formulation
9.25-9.50 Yvonne Genzel Max Planck Institute for Dynamics of Complex Technical Systems, Germany Intensified cell-based viral vaccine processes: from continuous to perfusion and to hybrid systems
9.50-10. 15 Chris van der Walle MedImmune Manufacture and characterisation of nanoparticles encapsulating nucleic acids
10.15-10.25 Dave Brockwell University of Leeds Investigating the effects of hydrodynamic force on the structure and biological integrity of a viral vector gene therapy product
10.25-10.35 Invited short talk
10.35-10.45 Pernille Harris Technical University of Denmark Solution structure and self-association of pharmaceutical proteins

11.00-11.40 refreshment break and networking

Molecular characterisation of process quality
11.40-12.05 Mike Betenbaugh Johns Hopkins University, USA Glycoengineering of mammalian cell lines to improve product quality
12.05-12.30 Laura Palomares National Autonomous University of Mexico Challenges of bringing recombinant vaccines to the market: A case study for a influenza vaccine
12.30-12.40 Perdita Barran University of Manchester Top-down mass spectrometry methods for full characterisation of biopharmaceuticals
12.40-12.50 Invited short talk
12.50-13.15 Jonathan Bones The National Institute for Bioprocessing Research and Training, Ireland Characterisation of biopharmaceuticals using intact protein separations hyphenated to high resolution native mass spectrometry

13.15-14.00 Poster prizes and lunch
14.00-16.00 Optional collaboration-building session

Timings may change due to logistical needs

Registration is open!

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