A day in the life

There are many career oppurtunities availble to people with scientific training. But it is often difficult finding out about these roles, especially if you are currently in an academic environment. So here we present ‘a day in the life’, a series of interviews with people with scientific backgrounds who are lab-based or have moved away from the bench (click on the tittle to access; more interviews will be added as they become available).

Senior Business Analyst, The Wellcome Trust
Here, an employee at the Wellcome Trust discusses her key role in the dissemination and management of the charity’s funding oppurtunities.

Freelance Scientific Editor and Writer
Going freelance offers many benefits such as the opportunity to work from home, but it also requires careful consideration before making the plunge.

Clinical Development Scientist
Scientisits in clinical development are involved in writing clinical protocols, addressing questions from health authorities and ethics committees, working with data and generating end of study reports.

Team Leader in Clinical Trials Supplies
Karan Turnbull from GW Pharmaceuticals highlights the role that her team have in the packaging & labelling of supplies for patients taking part in clinical trials of the company’s investigational drugs.

Journal Editor
Charlotte, who is now one of BioProNET’s network managers, describes the diversity of her 8-year stint as an editor at Nature Publishing Group, and highlights the key skills needed for this role.

Patent Examiner
A career as a patent examiner at the European Patent Office offers the oppurtunity to combine analytical skills with knowledge of foreign languages in a multicultural environment.