BioProNET 4th annual science meeting

BioProNET’s flagship annual science meeting will be held at the Slate Conference Centre, Warwick on October 10th-11th 2017. Registration has now closed; please contact Charlotte to be placed on the wait list.  

Day 1 – 10th October
09:30      Registration

Designing more efficient cell-expression systems (chaired by Kelvin Lee)
10:15  Helene Faustrup Kildegaard – Technical University of Denmark: Improving CHO cell factories with CRISPR-mediated genome engineering
10:45  Short talk: Eva Pekle – University of Kent: Single cell characterisation of CHO cells
10:55  Imre Berger – University of Bristol: Baculovirus expression: old dog, new tricks
11:20  David Humphreys UCB: Protein expression demands and demanding protein expressions: protein sciences the biopharma way
11.45  Short talk: Stefanie Frank – University College London: Engineering spatial segregation within bacterial hosts for bio-therapeutic protein production
11:55  Karen CoopmanLoughborough University: Taking a holistic approach to mesenchymal stem cell culture process design
12:20  Short talk: Robyn Emmins – GlaxoSmithKline: Embedding the Berkeley Lights Beacon: a bright future for cell line development
12:30  Lunch

Building expression systems into optimised process (chaired by Helene Faustrup Kildegaard)
13:30  Paula AlvesiBET, Portugal: Insect cell platforms for production of VLPs and difficult to express proteins
14:00  Short talk: Eleanor Hanson, University of Sheffield: Changes in CHO cell epigenetics throughout cell culture
14:10  Ray OwensUniversity of Oxford: High throughput cloning and expression of recombinant proteins for structural biology
14:35  Kathryn Lilley – University of Cambridge: Quantitative mass spectrometry to determine the three dimensional relationship of the proteome
15:00  Short talk: Tania Selas Castiñeiras – Cobra Biologics: Periplasmic recombinant protein production: which signal peptide to use?
15.10  Refreshment break, networking, posters

The clinic and beyond (chaired by Paula Alves)
15:45  Leda Castilho – Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil: Production of flavivirus VLPs: zika, yellow fever and beyond
16:15  Jim Faulkner – Autolus: Process development for autologous cell products

16:45  Proof of concept funding awardees (chaired by Mark Smales)
Martin Michaelis – University of Kent: Expanding production time of mammalian cell cultures for biotechnological applications
Cleo Kontoravdi – Imperial College London: Bioreactor design space identification with product quality constraints
Gyorgy Szekely – University of Manchester: Molecular imprinting for sustainable downstream processing of biopharmaceuticals

17:15  Group check-in
18:00  Poster session and drinks reception
19:30  Conference dinner

Day 2 –11th October

Molecular characterization of process quality (chaired by Gary Lye)
09:00  Chris Roberts – University of Delaware, USA: Mechanistic approaches to stabilization of pharmaceutical proteins
09:30  Short talk: Paula Meleady – Dublin City University: Quantitative phosphoproteomic analysis of CHO cells in response to reduced culture temperature
09:40  Perdita Barran – University of Manchester: Hybrid mass spectrometry approaches to analyse biologics and distinguish biosimilars  
10:05 Chris Sellick – MedImmune: Application of custom analytics to support bioprocess development for novel biopharmaceuticals
10:30  Short talk: Stephen Perkins – University College London: CCP-SAS – its utility for the atomistic modelling of pharmaceutically-important antibody solution structures
10:40  Refreshment break, networking, posters

Upstream meets downstream: rapid process development (chaired by Chris Roberts)
11:20  Kelvin Lee – University of Delaware, USA: A host cell protein that may impact polysorbate degradation
11:50  Short talk: Mire Zloh – University of Hertfordshire: Effects of excipients on biomolecule structures during dehydration processes at low temperatures
12:00  Gary Lye – University College London: Scale-down approaches to mammalian cell culture process development and primary recovery
12:25  Short talk: Rochelle Aw – Imperial College London: Increasing ribosome content in Pichia pastoris for improved cell free protein synthesis
12.35  Simone Dimartino – University of Edinburgh: 3D printed porous media for packed bioreactors and downstream processing
13:00  Peter Levison Pall: Technology advances in continuous bioprocessing from process development into clinical manufacture
13:25  Poster prizes, lunch, meeting close