2nd Annual Scientific Meeting

October 22nd–23rd 2015, Manchester Midland Hotel

Our second annual scientific meeting was held at the Midland Hotel, Manchester on October 22nd and 23rd. The programme included posters, workshops and presentations (please click on ‘continue reading’ for the programme).

Thankyou to eveyone who attended, and especially the speakers. Thanks to everyone who gave their feedback.


Agenda day 1

13.00-14.30 Biologics: present and future perspectives
Chair: Nigel Titchener-Hooker, UCL
13.00 Thomas Scheibel – University of Bayreuth, Germany: Engineered spider silk proteins: bioinspired polymers for various applications
13.30 Mark Uden – GlaxoSmithKline: Trends in modern bioprocessing – intriguing science meets commercial realities
14.00 Andy Porter – University of Aberdeen: Single domain soloMERs – simpler and more effective than antibodies?

14.30-15.15 Coffee and networking

15.15-17.15 Cellular production systems: coping with future demands
Chair: Ray Field, MedImmune
15.15 Matthew DeLisa – Cornell University, USA: Engineering unnatural biosynthetic pathways for protein modification in bacteria
15.45 Andreas Schiermeyer – Fraunhofer Institute, Germany: Plant-based expression systems for the production of recombinant proteins
16.15 Martin Jordan – Merck Serono, Switzerland: Rational media design in microscale-fed batch cultures
16.45 Ian Hodgson – Fujifilm Diosynth Biotechnologies: Yeast expression systems for biologics – recent developments and future trends

17:15     Introduction to BIA MAC – Peter Levison
17:20     BioProNET update – Mark Smales & Alan Dickson

17:30     Proof of Concept awardee poster flashes
Karen Polizzi & Rochelle Aw – Imperial College London: Towards a cell free expression based on Pichia pastoris
Jim Warwicker & Alejandro Carballo – University of Manchester: Web tools to predict protein solubility and/or aggregation
Tobias von der Haar – University of Kent: Gene expression accuracy as a parameter in bioprocessing applications

17.45     Workshops – 4x parallel sessions themed on meeting sessions
Biologics: present and future perspectives
Chairs Nigel Titchener-Hooker & Brenden Fish
Cellular production systems: coping with future demands
Chairs Ray Field & Tobias von der Haar
Bioprocessing of cell products – just like proteins (or not)
Chairs Tony Hitchcock and Owen Thomas
Emerging technologies for the 2020 bioprocessing agenda
Chairs Paul Dalby, Amanda Weiss & John Liddell

19:00     Posters and networking
20.15     Conference dinner
Agenda day 2

08.45-10.25  Bioprocessing of non-recombinant protein based cell products
Chair: Tony Hitchcock, Cobra Biologics
8.45 Reingard Grabherr – University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences (BOKU), Austria: Insect cell culture-based manufacture of bionanoparticles
9.10 Peter Jones – Oxford BioMedica: Scale-up and manufacturing challenges of lentiviral vectors for use in gene and cell-based therapies
9.35 Sarah Gilbert – Jenner Institute University of Oxford: Viral-vectored vaccines – why we need them and how to produce them
10.00 Farlan Veraitch – University College London: Oxygen-controlled bioprocessing of pluripotent stem cells
10.25 Martin Ebner – Immunocore: ImmTACs: Changing the therapeutic perspective

10.50-11.20   Break and networking

11.20-13.00 Emerging technologies for the 2020 bioprocessing agenda
Chair: Paul Dalby, University College London
11.20 Douglas Kell University of Manchester: SpeedyGenes, GeneGenie and random forests: three synthetic biology strategies for navigating sequence space intelligently
11.45 Mike Davies – Centre for Process Innovation: Novelty needs characterization: Tomorrows analytics
12.10 Cleo Kontoravdi – Imperial College London: Computational tools for implementing ‘quality by design’
12.35 Iwan Roberts – Puridify: Nanofibres for high productivity purification

13.00   Lunch and departure