BioProNET2 and Siemens PSE workshop entitled Chromatography Modelling for Protein Separation.

BioProNET2 and Siemens PSE have come together to host a workshop entitled Chromatography Modelling for Protein Separation.

Siemens Process Systems Engineering provides model-based solutions spanning the entire process lifecycle via a unified and integrated set of tools that are widely acknowledged to be leaders in their respective fields. The technology is used within digital R&D, design and operations in the process industries to help make fast, safe and more efficient decisions through rapid and effective exploration of the decision space.

The workshop will be held on the afternoon of 24th June 2021 and as places are limited, we can only permit a maximum of two individuals from a company or institute to attend. Attendees with roles in both industry and academia are welcome. Once you have submitted your completed registration form, your application will be reviewed and you will be notified of the outcome by BioProNET2. Details of the full programme and workshop material will be shared by PSE ahead of the workshop and will involve pre-workshop reading by the selected participants.