BioProNET 1st Annual Scientific Meeting

BioProNET hosted an exciting international scientific meeting at in Cardiff on the 23rd and 24th October 2014, which covered the entire spectrum of bioprocessing.


Click below to see details of talks and workshops:

Speakers and talks
Neil Brewis (GSK) – Landscape & Opportunities in Bioprocessing
Tom Parsons (University of Oxford) – A tag and modify approach to protein modification
Marcel Ottens (Delft Institute of Technology, Netherlands) – Process Chromatography, Bioseparations and Bioprocessing
Shahid Uddin (MedImmune) – Formulation Challenges of Biologicals
Stuart Haslam (Imperial College, London) – Life is Sweet – Glycomics and Glycoproteomics: Providing New Biological Insights
Neil Weir (UCB) – Small Molecule Pharmaceuticals versus Biologics – Cross Fertilisation
Mike Betenbaugh (Johns Hopkins University) – Systems Biotechnology of Mammalian Cells
Colin Clarke (Dublin City University) – Statistical Methods for Mining CHO Cell Omics Data
Nicole Borth (Austrian Centre of Applied Biotechnology) – Powering Genomics to Rationalize the Production of Biologics
Hitto Kaufman – Innovation in Biologics Manufacturing
David James (University of Sheffield) – Design and Engineering of CHO Cell Factories
Michael Roberts (Synpromics) – Synthetic Promoters for Custom Design Gene Expression
Dafydd Jones (University of Cardiff) – From Backbone to New Chemistry, Insights into Emerging Approaches for Protein Engineering and Design

Workshop on ‘Perspectives Across Expression Platforms’, including
Nigel Slater (Cambridge University) – Expression meets downstream
Phil Wright (University of Sheffield) – Make Mine an E.coli
Colin Robinson (University of Kent) – Microalgae coming through
Tony Hitchcock (Cobra Biologics) – Viruses and vaccines
Dan Bracewell (University College London) – Host of worries
Peter Levison (Pall Life Sciences) – But what about the purification?

Other activities
Networks in Industrial Biotechnology and Bioenergy (BBSRC NIBB)
Posters & Networking reception
Early Career Researchers Workshop / Breakfast