SuperBIO & BioBase4SME – innovation support voucher

NNFCC would like to highlight an interesting funding opportunity for SMEs.
We are involved in two innovation support schemes to help SMEs commercialise their innovation: SuperBIO (H2020 funded) and BioBase4SME (Interreg funded).

Both schemes offer the opportunity to contract services from professional providers at cost prices, a significant reduction on commercial rates, additionally both schemes provide co-financing of the services. The services offered include market research, techno-economic assessment, feedstock analysis, business plan development, LCA, regulatory appraisal and process scale-up testing (both on chemical processes and IB processes, including high throughput strain engineering and process optimisation).
Through those two programs, SMEs in Europe can access services up to a value of:
€100,000 (with a SME cofunding share in cash of max. 50% from the SME) via BioBase4SME
€60,000 (with a SME cofunding share in cash of max. 25% from the SME) via SuperBIO

Conact Lucie Pfaltzgraff at NNFCC The Bioeconomy Consultants for more information.