New proof of concept grants awarded

Congratuations to the awardees of BioProNET proof of concept funding in the 2016 call.

Can archaeal minichromosome maintenance helicases enhance the performance of a
nanopore DNA sequencer?
Michael Plevin, University of York, working with Oxford Nanopore Technologies
This project involves the engineering and production of novel protein nanopores. The collaborators will perform single molecule analyses of enzymes or proteins that transport chemicals or propagate signals across membranes to establish whether nanopore-based single molecule assays can be performed in parallel to generate more data more efficiently. This will provide an opportunity for new areas of research and development in protein biotechnology.

Developing a tool kit for determining the manufacturability of new therapeutics in CHO cells
Andrew Peden, University of Sheffield, working with UCB Pharma
Their project aims to identify bottlenecks in the production process of biologics by directly translating the understanding of basic biological processes into assays which will be useful for assessing the manufacturability of new drugs in mammalian cells. These novel and advanced assays will allow problems in the manufacturing process to be rapidly diagnosed and provide molecular clues to how the problems can be overcome.