Industrial Strategy boost for UK medicine manufacturing

New initiatives to accelerate the development and manufacture of new medicines have been awarded funding from Innovate UK under the Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund. In total, 22 projects involving 58 organisations will get £15 million.

It’s great to see many of our member companies and universities being very successful and a diverse range of projects that fall within BioProNET remit!

Examples include:
University College London – Design, transfer and qualification of a commercially-scalable process for viral vectors
Synpromics and Lonza Biologics – Development of a novel inducible expression system for the manufacture of therapeutic proteins from CHO cells.
Ipsen Biopharm, CPI and Torchlight Genetics – Novel production process for a highly potent recombinant protein using doggybone DNA (dbDNA) vector and cell free expression technology

A full list of funded projects can be found here.