D.Phil position at Oxford / Pirbright / Horizon Discovery

An exciting D.Phil position is available at the Pirbright Institute in Guildford, with a placement at Horizon Discovery and support from the Oxford University Doctoral Training Partnership.

Transcriptional Analysis of chIFITM knockout technology for increased vaccine yields

Start date: October 2017; Remuneration/ pay rate: £17,003 studentship stipend
Dr Mark Fife, Dr Angela Steyn, The Pirbright Institute
Prof. Adrian Smith, Department of Zoology, University of Oxford
Dr Jon Moore, Horizon Discovery

Contact details:
mark.fife@pirbright.ac.uk Tel: +44 (0)1483 232441

Avian viruses create major challenges to poultry health through loss of productivity and mortality & have concomitant effects on the global poultry industry through a reduction in the output of poultry meat & eggs. Developing effective and affordable vaccines against these viral diseases will help to increase food security worldwide & alleviate poverty in developing countries. This studentship will focus on the transcriptional analysis of CRISPR/Cas9 chIFITM gene knock-outs in commercially relevant and lab-adapted avian cell lines, and will aim to prove the hypothesis that reduced/ablation of chIFITM gene expression will result in a significant increase in viral replication and augment vaccine viral titre.

The position is open to biological science graduates with at least a 2.1 or equivalent, or a Masters degree (subject to university regulations). Other first degrees, e.g. veterinary science, will be considered. You should be looking for a challenging, interdisciplinary research training environment and have an active interest in the control of infectious diseases.