3 business interaction vouchers awarded

Congratuations to the awardees of three business interaction vouchers awarded in the most recent call:

Assessing the production of human cysteine knot hormones in plant cell cultures
Jose Gutierrez-Marcos, University of Warwick, working with Mologic

This project aims to implement a new methodology designed to streamline the rapid and cost effective production of human chorionic gonadotropin in plants for its use in oncology diagnostics. To this aim we will assess the impact of culture media in protein production, purification and quality, which at present are the major limiting factors of protein production in plant cell cultures.

A machine learning poly-omics classifier to improve protein production in CHO cells
Claudio Angione, Teesside University, in collaboration with the Centre for Process Innovation

Our objective is to combine novel machine learning techniques with poly-omic analysis, building a computational method that: (i) accurately identifies whether target cells have optimal conditions for producing the target protein; (ii) if not, predicts genetic modifications that will likely increase protein production.

Fermentation optimisation of biotherapeutic production by E. coli ‘TatExpress’ strains
Colin Robinson, University of Kent, partnering with UCB-Celltech
We have developed E. coli strains that export a range of biotherapeutics to the periplasm
via the Tat protein export pathway. This project will test and optimise growth under
fermentation conditions to determine their true abilities and capacities using high-throughput ‘ambr’ micro-bioreactor systems to systematically optimise fed-batch fermentation regimes.

Our next (and final) business interaction voucher call closes at midday on Friday 26th May.
Details of other BIVs that have been awarded can be found here.